We are manufacturer of leather for the generations, our factory is 100 year old and we could say that for the passed time we perfected our technic for making the perfect product. In the globalized world, we start to think to share our products and values with the big players around the world.

We could supply constantly, best quality of wet blue and crust leather of Calf / OX skins.

Quality Grades: A, B, C, D

Thickness: 1.5-3 mm S

ize of leather: 3-4 m2

Selection: 99%

Male Aviability: 1 20 ft container for AB grade, 3 containers CD grade per month

Origin: Azerbaijan ( only local Caucasian breeds)

Please kindly not that, we are ready for all kind of cooperation, you could visit our factory and be our guest. Please let us know.